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Let us provide your Oregon business with 360 immersion technology that increases viewer retention, increases google ranking, attracts more quailed leads for your store, and increases job applicants.

Increase the amount of traffic to your business

Unlike physical stores 3D tours stay online 24/7 meaning anyone can walk through your store at anytime.
Derek and Scott working with a client during a recording

Customers use 3D tours to help them when deciding where to go


More likely to book for customer aged 18-34. (Venues, Hotels, or Service Providers)


Of people want more virtual tours


Of adults rely on virtual tours in their research and decision-making process

Interactive 3D Business Walkthrough

3D Immersive Tours:

A visual walkthrough of your business. With easy-to-use arrows allowing customers to experience your business.

Google Street View:

Google Street View integration, allowing your business to be viewed as a 3D tour on Google and increases your Google Search results.

Easy Navigation Using Floor Plans:

Floor Plans are available during the 3D Tour, allowing users to easily navigate your business and see where they would be sitting or interacting.

Web Site Embedding & Hosting:

Embed your 3D Tour on your website to let your viewers get more insight into your business.

Interactive Tagging Options:

Tagging is a great way to show potential employees or customers different areas, workflows, videos, or specific information about your business. 

Gallery Images & Video Options

iGuides includes a photo gallery of high-res pictures. Allowing you to show different menu items, employees, or specific equipment you want to highlight. Also, our 3D tours allow you to upload custom videos that highlight your brand, quality, and message to viewers

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How different industries use 3d tours

Slide 1: Healthcare


Virtual tours help families and patients feel comfortable about where they or a family member will be taken care of. Our virtual tours are available 24 hours a day , meaning that family members will always be able to tour your facility.

3D tours for healthcare facilities give patients peace of mind knowing that they or a loved one will be in a clean, comfortable, caring environment.

Slide 2: Construction

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

When building a house, there is a lot of communication from one sector to another, where to cut, how to structure some areas, and move others. With this, mistakes happen, and when they do, it is costly for everyone.

Our 3D tours allow for laser-accurate measurements between arbitrary points in 3D space —using data from our Tour. You no longer have to collect time-consuming 3D point clouds. With our 3D tours, you can plan and manage space for personal or contractor work remotely.

In addition, our advanced measurements eliminate those costly mistakes by having the information available at all times and the ability to measure and remeasure as many times as you need until you are confident in your calculations.

Slide 3: Hospitality

Hospitality Industries

Hospitality industries are all turning to 3D tours for their customer experience. In 2016 there were over 600 hotels in Choice and Best Western hotels that got 3D tours done. The main reason for this switch is that photos can only provide so much. They do great for highlighting but not for a whole experience.

Often, a client will turn to a different spot simply because they’ve been there before. 3D tours let customers view your services before they show up.

Adding a photo gallery to your Tour allows you to highlight key areas of your service, such as hot tubs, massage rooms, dining areas, and furniture. Our 3D tours also come with floor plans and measurements, allowing guests to see how big your rooms are.

Slide 4: Restaurants


3D tours provide the much-needed gap the customers want between photos and eating at a restaurant. Virtual tours allow customers to walk through your restaurant and experience what it would be like to eat at your table . With our embedded 3D tours, you can include photos of the menu and items to enhance their experience.

Slide 5: Gyms

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Fitness centers are all about showing potential customers what you have to offer and the environment that it is in. A gym made for children learning acrobats will look different from a boot camp made for high-intensity training for adults.

Everything from the equipment to the layout will be different, and thus people always request tours when visiting fitness centers. Our 3D tours give customers 24 hours access to tour your gym, giving you better-qualified customers that walk through your doors.

Slide 6: Education

Educational &
Religious Buildings:

People visit these locations to learn about a specific topic. However, people want to learn more about the experience and the site most of the time before investing in them. Today, more educational & religious organizations realize the importance virtual tours have on incoming visitors and, as a result, are pushing for tours.

Tours have been previously established as a must-have for any education or religious facility. Tours show potential people their learning areas, classrooms, equipment, and layout. Having people walk through your building creates a feeling of awe as they picture themselves going there. The main problem with physical tours is that they have to be scheduled, and you have to hire people to show people around. They also have the hidden problem for people that can’t make it to a scheduled tour; for those people, they are left to your online resources to learn about your organization.

While these resources are generally of high quality, they lack the feeling that a tour gives someone. The solution is with 3D virtual tours, these tours can be accessed anytime, giving people more resources to find out about the organization. In addition, these tours let people fall in love with your message and organization, giving you more calls from people ready for the next step.

Slide 7: Entertainment

News and Entertainment:

Let your customers see behind the curtains with 3D virtual tours. Many customers and potential hirers want to experience your business and see what goes into making a story for them to enjoy.

Walk people through each one of your rooms, filming, editing, writing, and more. People love to learn more about the company that provides entertainment and news. With our 3D tours, you can take people on a fun interactive adventure showing all the hard work that goes to your story-making process.

Our tours are also great for tourism attractions. Let people see what makes your location special before they show up so they are excited to finish the tour in person! You can show only as much as you want to spike their interest so tourists are eager to add you to their agenda.

Slide 8: Tech
Tech event showing what a company can highlight with 3D


Let customers see where they usually cannot: the inside where the magic happens. Show off your cleanrooms and let them walk behind the scenes. 3D tours are an immersive way for your customers to see the hard work you and your team have done for every line of code.

Walk them through your work areas, testing areas, and quality equipment. In addition, our 3D virtual tours come with tagging options giving you the ability to highlight specific workflows you have or tech you use.

Tech event showing what a company can highlight with 3D
Slide 9: Auto-Services:
Mechanic in uniform is working in auto service. Car repair and maintenance. Oil change. Showing clients what type of car services would be good for 3D tours


The auto industry improves from 3D tours as well. People want to know what type of care you can provide for them. You can highlight your tools, location, employees, and the various services you can provide.

Have you spent time, energy, and money keeping your shop professional, having quality tools, and continuous work for your customers? Let them experience your hard effort through a virtual tour that shows them what they usually cannot see from your waiting room.

Mechanic in uniform is working in auto service. Car repair and maintenance. Oil change. Showing clients what type of car services would be good for 3D tours
Slide 10: Retail
Retail store getting ready to get 3D images done

Retail Businesses:

Store owners can show customers the layout of your store as well as the products that you have. Visitors can walk through your aisles to see the type of clothes or products you provide. Including photos of your best sellers increases your customer experience as they know what you have to offer.

Our tours are also impactful for individual shops or sections inside malls and large department stores as the customer will find what they want. More often than not, when someone is looking through your store, they find related items that they didn’t remember they needed before. For example, if someone is looking for boots, they walk to your shoe section, but on the way, they see a pair of skis that look amazing, and then they are hooked to go to your store as soon as it opens to pick up both items.

Retail store getting ready to get 3D images done
Slide 11: Venues

Event Venues:

When people are looking for venues, they care about appearance, location, and size. Our embedded 3D tours cover all these aspects and give your potential clients an easy-to-download PDF. In addition, our tours are made with the best quality available, giving your clients a view of your venue’s aesthetic. They also come with built-in Maps so that they can easily find your location.

Lastly, our 3D tours come with floor plans, room measurements, and area calculations with PDF download options. This makes it easy for them to plan their event in the space that you have.

Standard Tours

3D Virtual Tour


3D Tours for Businesses in Oregon

Advanced Tours

3D Virtual Tour


3D Tours for Businesses in Oregon

Most Asked Questions

It depends on if you want to add videos/photos to the tour. But in general 3D tours are shot, edited, and developed in less than a week.

It depends on the purpose. If you are doing something that requires measurements we recommend going for the advanced tour. If you want to enhance your user's experience than we recommend using a standard tour paired with a commercial video.

Absolutely, we can add a tag anywhere inside the 3D tour. If someone clicks on the tag, they can watch the video inside the tour.

Yes, our 3D guides are Google compatible. Meaning we can upload them to Google so your business will have a 100% on tour as well as increased SEO.

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