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We create videos to engage viewers and increase motivation to check out your product/service. We work with various video services for different industries in Albany, Oregon. If you have any questions on how video can boost your conversations, checkout rate, and overall customer experience, give us a call for a free consultation.
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Why Do you Need Video?

Customer want more videos

54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support

Marketers understand the need for video

86% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool

Video has good ROI

88% of marketers are satisfied with the ROI of video

Albany and Media

Albany, Oregon, is the 11th largest city in the state of Oregon. The area is spread out over a large number of lanes. So, while it maybe is one of the largest it doesn’t feel that way. The city has a small-town feel to it with a lot of open room and nature to explore. The medium population for Albany is 37.

Local Business video content advice

Medium age 37 for Albany Oregon

  • Albany has a mixed population of people who have grown up in this area and people who have moved from nearby regions like Corvallis. Due to this, their population is put right in the middle. It would be advised for businesses in this area to focus on educational video content, such as things that show a potential client new information. This could be directly related to your product/service or your industry.
  • Also, since the age group comes from younger people, having product information, video reviews, and feedback about your product/service could help you. This is because younger people use this information significantly when deciding where they should make their purchases.

Why work with us?

As an Oregon video production team, we understand the local market of Albany and what people want to see. Albany is a homey area for different age groups and people. Some people graduated from OSU and live there now. Moreover, there are a lot of people who grew up in and love this area. For our video production process, first, understand your business and then your audience; after we know who and why we are making a video, we start creating your video content with an outcome that both you and your customers will love.

Areas We Serve in Linn County

Areas we serve around Albany

Linn County is full of different trails and nature sittings that you can explore. These cities aren’t always the biggest in building size, but they stretch for a long-distance giving you lots of room for exploring.

  • Sweet Home
  • Lebanon
  • Harrisburg
  • Halsey
  • Tangent

Potential areas we could film outdoors in Albany

Waverly Lake Park

This park has a beautiful lake that is great for background and drone work.

Talking Water Gardens

If you don’t want a single lake, the talking water gardens offer different paths and unique nature to look at.

Downtown Historic District

If you are not looking for a lake or nature gardens, downtown might be the place for you. It has different storefronts and the Oregon style that we all love.

Most Asked Questions

Yes, we are a local Oregon video content company. Our owner Scott graduated from Oregon State University and is currently running the business from this area. Scott is also part of the Chamber of Commerce in Corvallis and a local business group called BNI.
It depends on the video type and the information you want to share. Some videos take longer than others, but generally, a video can be completed from 3-10 weeks. During our consultation, we can review your timeframe and find options that fit your needs.

Costs are due to a wide range of variable such as location, duration, and purpose. We would be happy to discuss all the details over a phone call! 

It depends on the purpose. We will soon have equipment available for schools and venues!

Absolutely, we have an inhouse recording studio where we can do our voiceovers. We also have access to a wide range of music so that each video will have a unique sound that matches your brand. 

We have two different options for subtitles. We can add them directly into the video or we can make a text file that you can upload to YouTube or other video platforms. 

There is no guarantee that any video will go viral. We can create a video that has the best chance of engaging your audience, but viral videos are carried on the back of marketing efforts. Having a clear goal and then continuing to produce content that has great quality will increase your chances for a viral video. 

About You

You are a business owner, marketer, or agency looking to use video as a marketing engine to grow your brand and conversion rate. You value design, storytelling, and quality. You are excited to invest in video production because you understand video’s high ROI. In addition, you are eager to start optimizing your marketing goals and customer experience. Video has been shown to have a fantastic effect on a business’s customer experience, and that’s what you care about the most!

Why Us?

We are a full-service video production team excited to work on video projects. We combine different marketing elements alongside video production principles to create incredible videos that serve a specific goal. All of our equipment is regularly updated so that no matter the video production size required, we are fit to handle it.
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