Share your brand’s story through video

A brand story is an appealing video that combines facts and emotions created by your brand and story.

Build trust by sharing what makes you different

Let customers know the story behind your business. Sharing what motivate you to get through the hard times is what customers what to know.
Scott getting the sound equipment ready for the upcoming video production

If people connect with your brand story

44% will share the story

15% will buy the product immediately

55% are more likely to buy the product in the future

Create a video that shares what makes you different from other companies

Custom video production:

We create a personalized video that enhances your story.


We outline our video so that you can approve it before we film, creating higher quality and fewer revisions.

Drone videography:

To create a cinematic feel, we use various equipment, including drone videography. We are certified, so we can fly wherever your business is located.

Premium Audio Quality:

All of our filmings come with the best microphones on the market. This ensures the highest quality when making your videos. In addition, we have an in-house studio that allows for clean recording if we need to do voice-over work.

A stronger connection between brand and consumer

Brand stories are a powerful way to resonate with your audiences.

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Why branding stories work so well

People love a compelling story

We have been telling stories since we were able to speak. Today people are no different. We love to understand the meaning/reasoning of something. We connect with that feeling and stories are the best way to express it.

Inspires an emotional reaction

One of the reasons this format works so well is that you aren’t selling anything. Instead, you are showing and telling the authentic things about your brand.

People care about your voice and mission.

People want to feel connected to their purchases, whether that is for the environment, community, family, or their health. By sharing your mission in your voice, you take the marketing and numbers out of the message and replace them with something people can connect to.

Most Asked Questions

Your social media account is a great place first to upload the video. For the long term, branded videos work great on the “about us” section of your website or homepage, depending on your layout.
For branding stories, it isn’t about the number of views you get; it is about the percentage of potential buyers that are converted because of the video. When people learn about your brand, they will read about you on your website; this is where the ROI of branding videos comes into play.
Video accomplishes many things for your businesses; many marketers see video as an essential part of marketing because of its usefulness. Also, our branded videos are tailor-made to the company that they are made for. The last thing you want is a video that looks like your competitors.

Absolutely, we have an inhouse recording studio where we can do our voiceovers. We also have access to a wide range of music so that each video will have a unique sound that matches your brand. 

All of our videos are planned, filmed, and then edited. We layout an easy-to-understand timeline and an approval process to inform you every step of the way.

About You

You are a business owner, marketer, or agency looking to use video as a marketing engine to grow your brand and conversion rate. You value design, storytelling, and quality. You are excited to invest in video production because you understand video’s high ROI. In addition, you are eager to start optimizing your marketing goals and customer experience. Video has been shown to have a fantastic effect on a business’s customer experience, and that’s what you care about the most!

Why Us?

We are a full-service video production team excited to work on video projects. We combine different marketing elements alongside video production principles to create incredible videos that serve a specific goal. All of our equipment is regularly updated so that no matter the video production size required, we are fit to handle it.
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