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What Separates US from the pack

Flexible Delivery Time

We can match your timeframes. Different video types and stories will have different timelines depending on the project. One of the core things we address is your timeline and how fast you need your video. We then provide you with your videos when you need them, with a guarantee that all your videos will be of high quality.

Open Communication

Each project will need different levels of work that go into them. At each step in the process, we meet with your team to ensure this video is exactly what you want it to be. You will never be guessing what we are doing for your video or how far along the process we are at.

Video Guidance

We know that each video type has a specific reason why a business would want to produce it. So we learn about your business issues and help guide what video type would best solve your problem.

Turn Viewers into Clients with our Process

Step 1


No matter where your business is within your industry, we first learn about your problem and what video type could solve them. Then, we take the time to learn about your specific angle within your niche. What are your voice, audience, and branding? Then we use this information to develop a plan that would meet your goals.
Step 1

Step 2


We are not a copy and paste company. We take the time to customize and create specifically to meet your goals within your brand’s style. We create your custom video through original concepts.

Step 2

Step 3


We work with you to plan out the shoot that works best for both of our teams. We are planning all the details from what location to casting. We work with your budget to ensure there are no surprises when it comes time to shoot.
Step 3

Step 4


Using the plan we created, we can shoot high-level video production in a timeframe that matches your timeline. We have a team of videographers, audio specialists, and directors to make sure that it is perfect every time we hit record.
Step 4

Step 5


Using the assets we created during our shoot, we take the time to order them according to the approved storyboard. This means layering video over, audio, sound effects, and visual effects to create your personalized video.
Step 5

Step 6


We deliver all of your video content digitally. That way, you can easily upload them to your different output locations, such as social media, YouTube, and your website.
Step 6

Things You need to consider before our free consulation

Understand what your goals are for your video content.
What would this video need to solve to consider it a success?
Where does this video need to end? (Website, YouTube, etc.)


What is the timeline for your video content?
Is this a seasonal video or event-specific? If so, will you need similar content for the following years?


Is this part of a campaign?

If so, what is the duration, and how many unique videos will you need?


What is your branding?
Have you defined your voice, audience, or style?

Things to Consider after working with us

How are you going to distribute this video?

How will you track the analytics of this video to make sure it meets your goals, such as higher conversion or wider audience reach?


What is the lifecycle of this video?

Is it something that needs to be renewed each year? Or is it something that can live on your website for a more extended period?

Video Content for Your Industry


Healthcare continues to change, from new policies to breakthrough treatments. Healthcare videos are about information and education. You want your patients not to feel bad about their medical needs. Instead, you want to inform them and encourage them about the life ahead of them.


Hospitality videos are about evoking an emotion. You want to sell the experience of booking with your hotel or getting married at your venue. People go to new locations because they want an experience. Your video production should communicate how your business can give them this experience.


E-Commerce is an emerging industry, and thus the video production should match the new feeling. You will need different videos for each step of your sales process, ending with a video that makes your customers excited to purchase from you for the first time or buy again.

Gyms and Fitness Conters

The fitness industry is about changing people’s lives. Your video projects should reject how you can improve the health and wellness of your clients. Instead, you want to make new prospects feel excited about joining your gym.


The educational system is about developing minds. So your video projects should encourage new ways of thinking and understanding. These videos can explain a new idea or challenge current students with complex topics. But learning is the main focus of these videos.

Industrial and Manfacturing

Industrial videos are centered around providing information in a presentable way to investors. Too often, prospects visit manufacturing or industrial websites to be turned away by unappealing and unclear information. These videos help show what makes your company different and how you are changing the future.


We know that each video type has a specific reason why a business would want to produce it. So we learn about your business issues and help guide what video type would best solve your problem.
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