Bring new clients to your gym through video

Show people why your gym is different. Highlight your training, equipment, your story, or your results.

How video can transform your gym/fitness center

Gyms and fitness centers work to transform the body of their clients. Helping clients could mean fixing past injuries, losing weight, or building muscles. You take your customers and help change their lives. Our job as video creators is to understand this journey and tell that story.

We help you tell the story of your gym and show people why they should check it out. We create a range of videos from high-intensity ads to more extended storytelling to ensure that you have a video that can help no matter your marketing needs.

Improved Engagement

Our ads are high-intensity and engaging. We create a video that grabs people’s attention and motivates them to check out your facility. These ads can be played on T.V. or social media, depending on where your audience is.

Improved Customer Trust

We create testimonial and branding videos to help tell the story and experience of working with you and your team. These videos are essential in the fitness industry as they help separate you from the competition. They help your business stand out and, more importantly, tell the story of your gym/fitness center. In addition, they communicate your own goals/struggles and the motivation for your gym/fitness center.

3D Immersive Gym Walkthrough

Our 3D tours allow anyone to walk through your gym anytime during the week, night or day. We allow video and photo integration in the walkthrough, so you can also include other media. This is beneficial to a gym or fitness center because it allows people to see a welcome video and a walkthrough. This leads to more qualified leads for your business.

Why work with us?

We understand how video can help your fitness business. Fitness videos should focus on three things, action, results, or what makes you different. Depending on the video format, there could be all three; in other instances, there could be only one. To find out what would work best for you, give us a call, and we would be happy to walk you through different video formats.

We work with you to create engaging videos for your target market

How this industry could use video


Create motivation in viewers

Create an ad that can be shown on T.V. or social media; wherever your audience is, we can create that output. These videos are designed to be short and sweet. We are packing a lot of punch in a short amount of time, which increases engagement and watch time.

Video Types:

  • Educational
  • Commercials
  • Branded Videos
  • Social Media Videos


Explain what makes your fitness business different

Create videos that highlight your gym and why it was created. These videos showcase your business or you. They tell the story behind the brand, what the inspiration was, and why creating a space for people to train is important to you.

Video Types:

  • Explainer videos
  • Company/Brand Testimonial Videos (long)
  • Company Videos


Let potential clients walk through your facility with 3D tours

Help people decide if your gym/fitness center is the right match for them by allowing them to walk through your building. We allow for in-tour videos and photos, which means you could have a 24/7 welcome video and walkthrough always online.

Video Types:

  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Product Video
  • Testimonial Video (short)


Keep your audience engaged

Create content that keeps your audiences engaged in your brand. By creating content that they are interested in they become an advocate for your brand and fitness principles. Video Types:
  • Educational
  • Video Series

Most Asked Questions

It depends on the video type and the information you want to share. Some videos take longer than others, but generally, a video can be completed from 3-10 weeks. During our consultation, we can review your timeframe and find options that fit your needs.

Absolutely, TikTok is exploding, and if your target market is from age 10-to 30, you should be creating videos. During our consultation, let us know if you want a short video 15-second sweet spot video for TikTok.

We have two different options for subtitles. We can add them directly into the video or we can make a text file that you can upload to YouTube or other video platforms. 

There is no guarantee that any video will go viral. We can create a video that has the best chance of engaging your audience, but viral videos are carried on the back of marketing efforts. Having a clear goal and then continuing to produce content that has great quality will increase your chances for a viral video. 

About You

You are a business owner, marketer, or agency looking to use video as a marketing engine to grow your brand and conversion rate. You value design, storytelling, and quality. You are excited to invest in video production because you understand video’s high ROI. In addition, you are eager to start optimizing your marketing goals and customer experience. Video has been shown to have a fantastic effect on a business’s customer experience, and that’s what you care about the most!

Why Us?

We are a full-service video production team excited to work on video projects. We combine different marketing elements alongside video production principles to create incredible videos that serve a specific goal. All of our equipment is regularly updated so that no matter the video production size required, we are fit to handle it.
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