Healthcare is sensitive and complex. Video helps

Increase your clients experience by giving them additional resources that educate them on topics specific to their needs.

Why video is transforming the healthcare industry

Healthcare is about helping your patients understand their issues quickly and nonthreateningly. When presenting information to patients about their conditions, videos help educate them on signs, symptoms, preventions, and ways of living with their condition. Video production in healthcare also benefits showing your doctors in a friendly manner and bringing more patients into your office. No matter what your needs are, either business or patient education, video can help your clinic.

Improved Patient Care

Video helps educate patients about the procedures and medication information relative to their treatment and diagnosis. In addition, these videos are made to help reduce a patient’s anxiety about their condition.

Improved Education, Training, and Compliance

Video and live streaming can help healthcare providers stay up to date on enhancements in the medical field. Training videos can be done in large groups and accessed remotely through live streaming. As a result, they are decreasing the time it takes to implement new technology and train new staff.

Improved provider’s relatability with the community

Branding and testimonial videos help show your clinic in a more friendly way. Not only do these videos help patients relate with your doctors and staff, but they also show them working with the community. Testimonial videos show how your doctors care for new and existing patients. While branding videos show why your clinic was made and the specific information about each doctor. These videos are meant to humanize your practice and show that your clinic is built on values and improving lives.

Why work with us?

At Cinematic Solutions, we take the time to learn about your video needs during our consultation call. In this call, we go over what makes your clinic different, what type of video you need, and the information you want to show during this video.

We work with you to create a beautiful video that enhances your clinic’s brand while educating your patients.

Types of videos that help the healthcare industry


Attract New Patients

Attracting new patients is about showing your healthcare system and how you work with them during their care. These videos can be divided into shorter and longer forms of media. During our consultation, we can go over which one’s works best for your timeframe and goals. The main purpose of these videos is to attract customers and educate them on your clinic.

Video Types: 

  • Educational
  • Commercials
  • Branded Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)


Stand out from other healthcare providers

For hospitals and clinics engaging your potential patients is about further education on what makes you different. You want to show more information about your doctors, process, and care.

Video Types: 

  • Explainer videos
  • Company/Brand Testimonial Videos (long)
  • Company Videos


Increase the amount of scheduling

Once a potential patient is aware of your company, they would like to find out more about a specific service you provide to determine if it is the right fit. Therefore, we have videos designed to be shorter and show more specific details about a service. These videos show the benefits of treatment and your care process.

Video Types: 

  • Product Video
  • Testimonial Video (short)


Inform patients about their condition or treatment

Retention is one of the most important things when working with patients. You wanted to make sure that they feel good about their care. Care can be broken into three different parts. The first is how well they connect with your clinic and the onboarding process. The next part is the one-on-one care they have with a doctor/nurse. Lastly is the information they are given and the instructions to help with care and the follow-up.

We have videos that help educate patients about their condition and the process of taking care of this illness.

Video Types: 

  • Educational 
  • Video Series

Most Asked Questions

It depends on the video type and the information you want to share. Some videos take longer than others, but generally, a video can be completed from 3-10 weeks. During our consultation, we can review your timeframe and find options that fit your needs.
Yes, we can create motion graphic healthcare videos that explain sensitive topics. These videos come with visuals, audio, and music. We can also do a mix of in-person videos with motion graphics. A doctor would be talking about a subject, and we would show different animated clips to show what they are explaining.
Absolutely, we help clinics understand your gear and how it could improve their workflow and patient outcomes. These videos highlight what makes you different and the benefits of adding your product/service into the field.
Yes, we can make a wide range of internal video pieces for your company. These videos can range from PSA’s to educational videos. Please let us know during our consultation if you have specific ideas for your video needs.

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Why Us?

We are a full-service video production team excited to work on video projects. We combine different marketing elements alongside video production principles to create incredible videos that serve a specific goal. All of our equipment is regularly updated so that no matter the video production size required, we are fit to handle it.
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