Increase productivity with training videos

Training videos take complex information and present it in a way that is clear to understand. Decreasing the time it takes to train employees or customers about your product/service.

Decrease the amount of time it takes to learn new software or process

One of the most frustrating problems businesses face is the training time when hiring a new employee or implementing new software. The software could increase productivity tenfold, but if people don’t know how to use the software, then there is no increase. Our videos decrease the time it takes to learn something new, so your team can be running full steam in less time.
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Current video training usage by company size

Source: Training Magazine 2019


Of large companies use training videos


Of midsize companies use training videos


Of small companies use traing videos

Create a video that helps retain information longer than text

Custom video production:

We first learn about the information you want to show and work on ways to make it engaging and interactive.

Interactive Quizzes:

Okano and Kaltura found that incorporating quizzes into videos helped with retention and made the video more interactive, which 82% of the employees preferred over traditional videos.

High-quality voiceovers:

Depending on your video needs we have high-quality house recording options.

Educational Graphics:

Training videos are a combination of video, graphics, and interactivity. In addition, we provide custom graphics to help communicate your message.

Increased learning and ROI on training

Decrease the time spent teaching new employees or training current employees on new programs. 

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Why training videos work so well

Training videos are a mix between video, graphics, and interactive quizzes. The result is a higher retention and engagement rate then other mediums, like paper or traditional video.

E-Learning Works for Businesses

IBM reported that companies who use e-learning have the potential to boost productivity in their workforce by up to 50%. Also, for every $1 spent on e-learning materials, up to $30 can be returned. You can increase retention while also decreasing learning time by incorporating e-learning videos.

Engaging in videos results in more information learned with less effort

When staring at a piece of paper is boring for anyone. Unless you read your favorite book, people often drift off. Training videos change this by using multiple media sources such as video, graphics, and quizzes to keep users engaged with the material.

Educate businesses on how to use your software/product

Improve customer satisfaction with your software/product by incorporating training videos on setting up, using, and real-world examples. These videos take the burden off your tech or customer support team because there is information to send with every new purchase.

Most Asked Questions

It depends on who your audience is for the training. If you are teaching employees, make a private webpage for just the training materials that employees can access. If you are trying to reach buyers on how to use your material, use a platform like YouTube to host your videos.
Training videos are not about the numbers; they are measured by how well complex information can be distilled down. You normally only show these videos to people who work for you or help educate people who already bought for you. Think of it as a way to enhance your customer's experience. The outreach comes from users who recommended you to their friends because of the fantastic experience with your product/service.
Video accomplishes many things for your businesses; research has shown time and time again that videos are a great way to teach people new material. In addition, companies save money down the road because they can use the same video to train new hires or buyers a lot of information about their product/service in an easy-to-follow way.
The most important thing to have is a script or outline for a training video. We need to know the information beforehand to create the visuals around it. All of our videos are planned, filmed, and then edited. Finally, we lay out an easy-to-understand timeline and an approval process to inform you every step of the way.

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