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Cinematic Solutions team, providing video production to small businesses in oregon.

Who we are

We are a video production company that delivers customized video content for our clients. We are a small team with a diverse background in video production, audio specialization, typography, and a love for solving problems. We are always excited to work with a new business to learn what makes them unique, what they do, and how they do it, and then transform this information into a new video.

Our team’s shared love for video production is what drives us forward as a company. We are always interested in different media forms and how video is represented within them. A love for our craft continues to make us a leading force in what we provide. We don’t cut from a template and give that to our partners. Instead, we work together to create something new and exciting.

Supporting Local Businesses

As a local business, we are proud to be part of and support the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce!
About Us

Skills and Experience outweighs Gear, but Good Gear Never Hurts

About Us

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What we value


Being able to change with each project is something that we value as a company. We understand that nothing in life is straightforward, and as such, we should be able to adapt to any situation that we are faced with.


Understanding a company’s goals and then creating something that matches those is what discipline is to us. So while we love to experiment and try new things, we will never lose sight of our partner’s needs and wants.

Listening to Understand

Without listening and understanding, we can never provide. We value opening communication and listening to the people we are engaging with. Real listening brings forth understanding which forms lasting connections.


We value taking ownership for what you do, the good, the bad, and in-between. This ownership opens the door for a growth mindset and lifelong learning.

Who we are

Scott Kemp


Derek Briggs

Video Production Director and Information Tech Assitant

Isaiah Vara

Visual Designer

Video production in Corvallis Oregon

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