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Commercial Videos

Commercials are a proven way to introduce a high view of your company and what you engagingly provide to new customers. These videos usually draw strong emotions like excitement, happiness, laughter, and ambition. Depending on what you provide, the intense feeling could be sadness, surprise, regret, and loneliness. It all depends on what you are providing and trying to solve. These videos are short at 60 seconds or less, with an optimal time of 30 seconds.

Customer Testimonial Videos

There are two different types of customer testimonial videos. The first is a longer video from 1-10 minutes in length designed to build trust for your company, not to sell to your customers. The second type is a shorter-length video about 60 seconds designed to highlight a specific service or product that the user is considering. Both are important and can increase a positive view and conversions if used in suitable locations.

Cinematic Story Videos

These videos help show your personal story. These are great for small businesses, personal brands, and sporting clients. Show people why you get up in the morning and how what you are doing helps others. 

Live Stream Service

Livestreaming is a live form of media that is recorded and streamed in real-time online. This gives your audience the experience of attending your event even if they can’t physically be there. 

Video Series

Video content is a pillar of inbound marketing. It provides content that your current customers would enjoy watching and attracts new viewers as well. It is a double edge sword that solves two different problems. It attracts new customers, as well as helps retain existing users. These videos usually are a bundle of three or more videos that address a specific topic related to your industry.

Company Story Videos

These videos are great for your “About Us” section/page on your website. They build trust in your brand by showing your audience what makes you different, your voice, and your compelling story.

Recruiting Videos

These videos are great for your “About Us” section/page on your website. They build trust in your brand by showing your audience what makes you different, your voice, and your compelling story.

Training Videos

Training videos are more of a necessity in the current workforce as people opt to work from home. These employees still need to train to keep up with your workflow and requirements. Training videos are fun for new hires to learn what to do and how to do them—decreasing the training period and a resource for any employee to look back on if they are learning a new area or need additional training.

Social Media Videos

These videos are short by nature as they are designed to grab the attention of new customers. This is done by optimizing the videos for 6-15 seconds, giving emotions and a broad view of your services, not specific details or processes. As a result, they are perfect for the attention phase of your marketing strategy.

3D Tours

3D tours are a great way to get customers to see your business. Our tours integrate with Google so you get a boost in outreach and SEO.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are designed to engage with your audience by explaining your company, product, service, or subject in two minutes or less. They should cover the problem, solution, features and benefits, and how the solution works. Because of how well they work for informing new prospects, they can also be called homepage video, overview video, or conversion video.

Find by Video Purpose


Show different aspects of your business through attention grabbing videos. The purposes of awareness for video content is to evoke emotion in the viewers getting potential buyers interested in your brand and what you provide. 

Educational Videos

Commercial Videos

Branded Videos

Social Media Videos


Show your audience more information by providing a broader range of topics. That include what makes your brand different and how you benefit your customers. 

Explainer Videos

Company/Brand Testimonial Videos

Company Videos


Let potential and returning buyers feel confident and excited to make their purchase. These videos are designed to put buyers mind at ease increasing buying rates. 

Product Videos

Testimonial Videos


Keep past customers coming back as well as attracting new customers through continuous  content that engages your audience. These videos provide more complex topics and storytelling to keep your audience coming back for more. 

Educational Videos

Video Series

Video Content for Your Industry


Healthcare continues to change, from new policies to breakthrough treatments. Healthcare videos are about information and education. You want your patients not to feel bad about their medical needs. Instead, you want to inform them and encourage them about the life ahead of them.


Hospitality videos are about evoking an emotion. You want to sell the experience of booking with your hotel or getting married at your venue. People go to new locations because they want an experience. Your video production should communicate how your business can give them this experience.


E-Commerce is an emerging industry, and thus the video production should match the new feeling. You will need different videos for each step of your sales process, ending with a video that makes your customers excited to purchase from you for the first time or buy again.

Gyms and Fitness Conters

The fitness industry is about changing people’s lives. Your video projects should reject how you can improve the health and wellness of your clients. Instead, you want to make new prospects feel excited about joining your gym.


The educational system is about developing minds. So your video projects should encourage new ways of thinking and understanding. These videos can explain a new idea or challenge current students with complex topics. But learning is the main focus of these videos.

Industrial and Manfacturing

Industrial videos are centered around providing information in a presentable way to investors. Too often, prospects visit manufacturing or industrial websites to be turned away by unappealing and unclear information. These videos help show what makes your company different and how you are changing the future.


We know that each video type has a specific reason why a business would want to produce it. So we learn about your business issues and help guide what video type would best solve your problem.
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